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StillnessMeditation. Centering. Stillness. Being one with yourself. Whatever you call it… do it!! And do it regularly.

With daily general hygiene, we take care of our body; however, what about our mind? We are often sooooo busy with life that we forget to take a quiet moment to reflect. Carving out quality time for yourself to sit, be still, in the silent moment, motionless (if possible) is as critical… if not more important… than taking a daily shower, brushing your teeth, etc.

If you’re anything like me, I find it incredibly difficult to slow my mind enough to meditate effectively. Well, by effectively I mean sitting still and drifting away on a mental cloud. At a centering workshop, I mentioned to my instructor that I cannot sit still long enough to mediate. She assured me, “It is not about stilling your body. It is about stilling your mind. Fidget all…

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