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But are the archetypes real?


The Allergic Pagan

Check out my new post at Dreaming the Myth Forward: “But are the archetypes real?”  This is a question that haunts any discussion of the archetypes, especially discussions of the gods as archetypes.  I have made the argument here and here that the polytheistic experience of deities can be explained in Jungian terms as archetypes.  But the question of the ontological nature of the archetypes remained unanswered.  In this post, I try to answer it.

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2 thoughts on “But are the archetypes real?

  1. Hyperborean on said:

    The modern neo-pagan is really the result of rejection of Christianity and misunderstandings Christians had about ancient pagans rather than an actual reproduction of the Old Faith. The Old Faith is esoteric. It’s heavily metaphysical and philosophical — and symbolic.

  2. Do you have any more info about the symbolic nature of pagan worship in the past? This is a topic that is very interesting to me right now and I’d really like to learn more. Thanks!

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