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Exploring the Old Goddesses

Lately I’ve been looking for a patron goddess (and perhaps a god). There are lists and lists of deities out there, but I am looking for the goddess whose name and area of influence speaks to me personally.

Here are the ones who have jumped out at me (there are a lot):

Airmid: Celtic goddess of healing, medicine, and Spring; brings the dead back to life

Arianrhod: Welsh Celtic goddess of air, reincarnation, full moons, the stars, karma, the Wheel of the Year, the web of fate, and retribution

Brigit: Irish Celtic goddess, midwife, protector of women and children; ruled over agriculture, healing, divination, occult knowledge, poetry, prophecy, and metal work

Cerridwen: Welsh Celtic goddess of the moon, magic, poetry, music, luck, earth, agriculture, art, science, astrology, death, and fertility; keeper of the cauldron

Modron: Welsh Celtic goddess of Autumn, the harvest, magic, ritual, and fertility

Rhiannon: Welsh Celtic goddess of sunlight; her name means “the golden wheel”

Flora: Roman goddess of flowers

Minerva: Roman goddess of wisdom, arts, and trade

Borghild: Norse goddess of the evening mist or moon; she slays the sun each evening

Eir: Norse goddess of healing and shamanic healers, companion of the goddess Frigg

Freya: Norse goddess of love, beauty, and sensuality

Idunn: Norse Goddess of youth and springtime; her name means she who renews

Saga: Norse goddess of poetry and history (guess this is where we get our word “saga” from)

Syn: Norse goddess of watchfulness and truth

Artemis: Greek goddess of the hunt, nature, and birth

Demeter: Greek goddess of the harvest; mother of Persephone

Eirenne: Greek goddess who symbolized peace

Hecate: Greek goddess of the wild places, childbirth, and the crossroads; associated with magic and witchcraft

Hestia: Greek goddess of hearth and home; an original Olympian, gave up her throne

Hygieia: Greek goddess of health, cleanliness, and sanitation

Gaia: ancient Earth Mother goddess

Maia: Greek goddess of Spring; eldest and most beautiful of Atlas’s seven daughters who made up the Pleiades; Roman goddess of growth and increase

Nyx: Ancient Greek goddess of darkness and night time

Phoebe: a Greek moon goddess; bright and golden crowned

Rhea: Greek Earth goddess; responsible for the fertility of the soil, women, and motherhood; daughter of Gaia

Selene: Greek moon goddess; Titan personification of the moon itself


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2 thoughts on “Exploring the Old Goddesses

  1. Hyperborean on said:

    All of these represent women and different aspects of womanhood. They are all really the same: Woman. The gods and goddesses of old are esoteric, not exoteric. If this is too cryptic for you, let me know and I’ll elaborate. Anyway, take a good look at Minerva/Athena. She is the most virtuous.

  2. That is an excellent point – all of the goddesses are Woman. I’d love it if you elaborated some more on the whole concept. Thanks!

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