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Asatru Children’s ABC’s

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Now, I am not Heathen, but my good forum friend ThorsSon was for quite a long time, and he wrote this and gave me permission to post it.  Whether or not you are Heathen, its some interesting mythology (a good kids myth source for Norse mythology is D’Aulaires’ Book of Norse Myths).

Edited to add (5May13): Just came across this awesome post in my reader with some other resources.


Asatru Children’s ABC’s

A is for Asgard, where the Gods spend their day.
B is for Bifrost, between the worlds it lay.

C is for Courage, the strength to overcome fear.
D is for Day, she follows Night throughout the year.

E is for Embla, the mother of us all.
F is for Freyja, chooser of those who fall.

G is for Gungnir, from its course it never strays.
H is for Heimdall, his horn, Gjallar, he plays.


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