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This article sparked some questions in my mind.
1. Why is the government tasked with educating our children in the first place?

2. How can rules, laws, whatever be put into place about the style of homeschooling, given the diverse styles of learning? For people who unschool, would their children be considered truant?

I think everyone should have education available to them. It seems the only way to make that possible is through the government. I realize many children might not receive an education if there weren’t truancy rules and such… but I’m still not convinced the way things are set up now is good. People who talk online seem prone to over-generalizing the pros or cons of any one method of education. Groups like IFB, Quiverfull, or other super conservatives tend to demonize anything that isn’t homeschooling. Extremely liberal people turn around and slam anything that isn’t public school (or maybe private school). Crunchy folks seem to be largely pro-homeschool or unschooling… but perhaps more flexible instead of judgmental. Regardless, I think the lesson to walk away from all this with is this: one size doesn’t fit all.

What do you think?


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