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Can We Save The World Without Religion?

An intriguing concept. Well said!

Nature is Sacred

I came across this post by one of my favourite bloggers, John Beckett, today discussing things we value. He has recently been writing posts about developing a sacred relationship with nature and writes the following:

“There are practical reasons why we should live sustainably and respect other species and ecosystems, but no intellectual argument is strong enough to override the basic evolutionary instinct to do what’s easiest and most satisfying for me and mine, here and now. Overriding that instinct requires valuing what we preserve more than what we exploit, and developing that requires a relationship with what we would value.

This is not an intellectual matter, it is a religious matter. Only by developing a sacred relationship with Nature will we find the inspiration to change the way we live and build a society that is both compassionate for the present and sustainable for the future.”

I think he speaks…

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