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The Five Pointed Star & How I’m Not a Satanist

Good to know.

Tales of Alohi


Too often misconceived, the pentagram and pentacle symbol is misrepresented as Satanic. When I was a teenager I wore a pentacle ring on my right hand. Quite often I would be asked if I was a Satanist, or, when I was unfortunate enough to not be asked, shouted at by those who were ignorant and had no clue.

Paganism has nothing to do with Satanism… and no, that star necklace/bracelet/ring that I, or my friends, wear is not satanic either. Let me explain.

Anthropologically we can affirm that when cultures get together an exchange of perceptions, beliefs, and customs occur. When a major shift in cultures occur the old set of beliefs shift into something else. For example, Gods and Goddesses of the old days may be seen in monotheistic religions as a demon, angel, saint, or the devil himself. There are a lot of Pagan beliefs, holidays, rituals, etc…

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