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A Possible Patron

A Possible Patron

I’m still trying to find my patron goddess. I’m pretty certain she’s in the Celtic pantheon, and seem to have it narrowed down to Airmid or Brigid. This link tells about Airmid and her association with healing herbs. I’m very drawn to herbalism – always have been – and am feeling strong leaning towards Airmid at the moment. There isn’t much said about her in mythology, but she seems beautiful in what I have seen.


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5 thoughts on “A Possible Patron

  1. FoxWing on said:

    That’s great! Keep researching Airmid and see if things start to click for you. I am still waiting for my patron goddess to reveal herself. I figure that when the time is right, there will be no doubt in my mind that she has chosen me.

  2. Look forward to hearing what you end up deciding or connecting with. How do you go about finding your patron goddess and what role does she play in your life? I’m new to this pagan world and I am keen to become more in tune with goddesses or guides. x

    • I’m really new to the pagan world as well, so I don’t have a lot of advice to give. I’ve been going by feel so far. Many people say that your patron will make him/herself known to you through signs; I’ve just looked around and followed where my heart led me. Good luck!

      • Do you use spirit guides? I’m not sure if they are pagan or not, but I am getting into them in my own way, slowly. I like it, and somewhat freestyle but it brings comfort and reassurance and a feeling of not being alone in this. xx

      • I don’t use spirit guides. I’m not that familiar with the concept, actually. Could you share what they are and what your experience with them is like? Sounds fascinating!

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