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Evolution still hasn’t caught on completely in America. As a former fundie I’m not sure what I believe about the formation of the world. I believe evolution has occurred, but I’m not so sure I accept things like the Big Bang. I want to look into the general consensus among Pagans.


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5 thoughts on “Evolution?

  1. Evolution is not a thing that ‘has occurred’. It is a process that is occurring. It doesn’t just stop.

    The formation of the world also doesn’t equal evolution or evolutionary theories though, so…I’m sort of confused why you would mention one theory about the creation of the universe when discussing evolution.

    • Yes, evolution is something still occurring – my bad. All I’ve ever been taught about evolution (as in evolution vs. creationism/intelligent design) has been very connected to the Big Bang, ape-men, and missing links. In my mind, the Big Bang and evolution are almost synonymous, although I guess they really shouldn’t be. Also, the only theory about the formation of the world that is connected to evolution that I’m aware of IS the Big Bang theory – are there more? I really don’t know much about evolution, if you can’t tell.

      • Evolution is a theory, same as gravity. People are constantly exploring and improving upon it and learning more about it. It…really shouldn’t be connected to any sort of creation theories, since it’s not so much about how the entirety of the universe came into existence as it is about how life alters and changes in response to environment and a host of other factors.

        Basically, the big bang theory shouldn’t be connected to evolution, and that isn’t a very scientific approach to evolution either. That’d be like sticking on the multiverse theory to evolution – it’s not scientific or sensible. The two aren’t related, they’re dealing with different things. Evolution is the process that species go through in changing and adapting to their environment. The big bang has nothing to do with it really. (AFAIK, we still aren’t totally sure how or where life came from, so…creation theories def shouldn’t be equated or linked up to evolutionary theories.)

  2. FoxWing on said:

    I have always believed in evolution, and it does not conflict with my new pagan beliefs. Right now I am studying Shakti Wicca, which is a fusion of Hindu beliefs and Wicca, and invokes the Hindu pantheon. Evolution fits very well with Hindu creation myths. Here is a link to a Washington Post article I found that mentions Intelligent Design Theory, which is a belief that an Intelligent Designer guides the creation of the universe.

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