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Science and Magic

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

My coven is a wee bit different from most covens, most of the members are scientists by education and by employment. We have a chemist who was just honoured by the ACS (American Chemical Society), an immunologist who just had a paper published in Science magazine, 2 seismologists, and me the lowly naturalist, who no longer works in the field but does volunteer. Just an FYI, to get a degree as a Naturalist Interpreter you end up with several minors in scientific disciplines, mine are in Botany, Biology, Horticulture, Geography and one I can’t remember and for fun, one in photography which is more science than art when you get to the darkroom stuff. You also end up with random classes in things like astronomy, physics, ecology and other things.

All of us have our woowoo side. Some of us are more cosmologist than pagan. I still approaching things from…

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