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Countdown to Yule – Holiday Planner

How do you celebrate Yule?
I’m not sure what we’ll do this year. I observed Yule last year… but in a very quiet, individual kind of way. Now that Buddy is three I think I’ll tell him a story about what’s happening. I’d like to do some special baking, try my hand at doing the mulled/spiced wine thing, and do something special as a family (ritual, maybe). Also, the local UU church has a Yule celebration that I’d like to attend.
We still celebrate Christmas and have no plans to stop. Presents are kept to a minimum, though. Even if we are less poor in the future, we’ve already decided to keep presents pretty scaled back compared to how many people celebrate. Quality over quantity is the goal. In regards to the Christian nature of Christmas, I’m finding myself less opposed to sharing the Nativity story etc. with my SS (and future kids) during Christmas. I’ve realized that it’s still a beautiful story (with plenty of similarities to the pagan story of death and rebirth that surrounds Yule), the music is something I can’t live without, and I want our family to be able to share in the joy of the many holidays being celebrated during this time of year. I’ve been thinking that it would be neat, perhaps as a homeschooling project in the future, for the kids to pick a set of beliefs for the year and then have us observe the special holidays and customs as a family. The world is full of so many lovely traditions!

Ozark Pagan Mamma

December 1st – 7th

  • Take seasonal (outdoor) pictures with family/friends.
  • Bring home a tree, evergreen foliage for crafts/decoration, and a Yule log, if you have a fireplace.
  • Begin holiday shopping, if you haven’t already. (Read A Frugal Yule.)

December 8th – 14th

  • Make or firm-up ritual plans; where, when, with who, etc. It is possible to celebrate 12 days of Yule with rituals and feasts. Decide how much celebrating best suits your available time and energy.
  • Make menu plans, a grocery list, and shop for non-perishable items.

December 15th – 19th

  • Shop for the rest of your menu items.
  • Prepare some menu items in advance (if applicable).
  • Finish up gift shopping & wrapping.

December 20th – 31st

  •  Prepare feast(s).
  •  Have ritual, attend any other festivities, and celebrate!

Countdown to Yule

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