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A Collection of Celtic Three Realms Blessings

Ozark Pagan Mamma

Rhyming Invocation
Our world is made of the Sacred Three,
We invoke you Sky and Land and Sea.
We stand at the center of the Realms this night,
And may all be purified by the fire’s sacred light.
Within the cauldron of the Gods are we,
Connected and made whole by the Sacred Three.
Three Realms in Gesture
(Kneel or squat where you stand. Inhale and exhale deeply.)
We are at the center of the world.
(Exhale, move to one knee with palms on the ground before you.)
We stand firmly upon the Land.
(Inhale and rise to your feet, moving your hands behind at hip height, palms up, cupping. Exhale and move your hands in an arc until they meet in front.)
The Sea always surrounds us.
(Inhale, move your hands to the sides, spread your fingers wide, palms forward.
Exhale and raise your arms, bringing your hands…

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