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Lisa Thiel’s Circle of the Seasons: Imbolc

I’m madly in love with this album. When money allows I want to purchase a cd so I always have access to it. As someone who grew up constantly listening to religious music (Christian), I miss the ability to listen to something that affirms my spirituality. Pagans haven’t been nearly as prolific as Christians in this area, but I’m slowly discovering some good music. I suppose one of the reasons there isn’t an abundance of Pagan music is because, to a Pagan, everything can enhance worship and affirm spirituality – doesn’t have to be a specific kind of music. Also, Pagans don’t seem nearly as obsessed with making sure that all areas of their lives are dominated by religious fervor.


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2 thoughts on “Lisa Thiel’s Circle of the Seasons: Imbolc

  1. FoxWing on said:

    I enjoy listening to Lisa Thiel too. I listen to her songs on youtube but really should purchase one of her CDs. My other favorite artists are S.J. Tucker and Kellianna. S.J. Tucker’s album “Blessings” is full of great ritual music. Kellianna’s song “Brighid” is especially appropriate for Imbolc.

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