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Tomorrow is Summer Solstice. How did that creep up on me so fast? I’m afraid this year’s celebrations of the Wheel of the Year are going to be sadly lacking. Pregnancy is pulling all my energy and limiting what I can do; funds are limited as well. We’re moving into a new apartment in a few weeks, which is exciting. It was just brought to me attention that I should plan on cleansing our current space before we leave and then cleansing the other space before we move into it. I’ve never done anything like this before, so when I get a chance I’m going to look around for ideas. I’d really like to get a bundle of sage for smudging, but we’ll see. 

Pregnancy has been magical, especially when I’ve made sure to be outdoors as much as possible. Meditation and some very basic yoga have also been very helpful in keeping me in the right head-space. I lost my connection for a few weeks, though, and it was depressing and hard – don’t want to let that happen again. I’ve run into a lot of issues I had not anticipated during this pregnancy, so most of my energy has been going to surviving rather than to being “earthy.” Earthy is the term I’ve chosen in place of “witchy,” as I don’t feel comfortable calling myself a witch. The sun is shining today, so hopefully it will work out for me and the three year old to get outside for a bit.

Happy Solstice to you!

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  1. FoxWing on said:

    Happy Solstice! I also like to cleanse with sage. I will use it during my ritual this evening.

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