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Celebrating Lammas/ Lughnasadh 2014

With a baby due any day and a house full of just-moved boxes, I won’t be doing much to celebrate this day. I plan to observe it with a thankful heart though, as I prepare to harvest the fruit of my womb. 🙂

Nature is Sacred

Happy Lammas Everyone. Lughnasadh/ Lammas is one of the four ancient Celtic Fire Festivals mentioned in the Irish tale of Tochmarc Emire and is held on 1st August each year. It celebrated the beginning of Autumn, a time that ushers in the end of hunger and a bountiful abundance of crops. It is the first of three harvest festivals – that of the grains and potatoes (since they have come over from America). On this day we celebrate the first fruits of the season.

For the ancient Irish, Lughnasadh was named after the god Lugh, the Fair One, and is the only festival to be named after a deity. However, he is not a god of the harvest, but rather “a patron of all human skills with a special interest in kings and heroes.” It was said to have been started by him as a funeral feast and sporting competition in…

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So… my baby is due August 20th. My mom is trying to plan when she should fly in to stay with us. She won’t stay any longer than two weeks, but it might not be quite that long. I’m trying to figure out what date to tell her. I did a tarot spread tonight to find a date and came up with one solid winner and few others that were okay. The date is August 5th, though, which is pretty early. My gut feeling is that baby will come earlier than the 20th, and since he already seems to be dropping… maybe very soon?
Has anyone else used tarot to try and predict calendar dates? How much confidence do you put in this sort of reading? What can I do to further test my findings?

New Beginnings

We’re in a new apartment now – all nicely smudged and blessed. I have my first altar set up here. I really like having an altar. I think it’s helping me stay centered, or at least when I stop and pay attention to it. I’m pleased with the set up and the special trinkets I chose to use. Motherhood is obviously featuring heavily at the moment. 🙂 I’m 36 weeks along today, so Baby should make his appearance very soon. I’ll keep you posted. Blessed be.








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