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The Earth is Our Mother

I’m currently very poor and am struggling to afford groceries and other things. Yesterday I realized that one of my family’s favorite parks has an apple, pear, and mulberry tree. So excited to share in the bounty! We picked 14 lbs of apples to make into applesauce and will go back for more soon. Last night and today I looked outside our apartment building and discovered we had 4 mulberry trees full of berries. Picking the berries today from one of the trees behind us I had a sudden urge to sing this song. I felt so cared for and proud of my Mother Earth for providing us with fruit just when we needed it.

Article: Nature Religion?

Article: Nature Religion?

“If your religion does not include reverence for Nature then I propose your religion is at best inadequate and may be detrimental to your life and to all life on this planet.”
Yes, yes, and YES! Love this article!

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