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I’m Stretchy!

I’m Stretchy!

An update on my personal life plus a new spiritual experience.

Feeling really out of balance tonight. Probably has something to do with the food I ate at lunch today. A kind relative invited me over for an Easter dinner. The food was made with love but full of processed ingredients, which makes my body feel ill. When my body feels ill, my spirit often feels ill too. I can’t do much for my body, so I’m focusing on my spirit. Found a nice playlist of music on youtube with pagan-themed lyrics. The music is very hypnotic, probably because it’s a lot like chanting, with simple accompaniment that makes it even more peaceful. I believe I’ll light some incense too. Most incense makes my asthma go crazy, but I found some that’s very natural and it doesn’t bother me. It’s so soothing and nice smelling.

I watched a very moving documentary (I guess you would call it that) on Netflix the other day. It was called Mythic Journeys. I took some notes, so when I’m in the right frame of mind I’ll compile my thoughts together and share them with you. I highly suggest you find this documentary and watch it. It starts out a bit oddly, but once you get the feel for where it is headed and hear the various speakers, I think you’ll find it full of wisdom and very beautiful. It has rekindled my life-long love and appreciation for mythology.

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