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Danu, Celtic Mother Goddess by Judith Shaw

As Mother’s Day approaches it’s nice to consider mother goddesses.

judith Shaw

Danu, of the flowing waters, Queen of the fertile land – Danu, the Great Mother Goddess of the Irish Celts, known as Don by the Welsh Celts, is the Creator Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann, the first wave of Celtic tribes to invade Ireland.   She is also known as Danann, Ana, and Anann.  She gave birth to all life in the land of the Celts.

No stories of Her survive but Her power remains strong. She is the most ancient of all the Celtic deities. In a silver flash of iridescence she appears in my mind’s eye.

As the “Flowing One” She is associated with the seas, wells, springs and the Danube River, gifting Her children the magic of transformation, inspiration, and wisdom. As an Earth Goddess, She bestows abundance and earth mysteries. She embodies the wisdom of living in balance with the Earth. She is sometimes associated with…

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Have a blessed Beltane and May Day.

A Year And A Day

Beltaine, Bealtaine, May Day, May Eve, Lady Day, Roodmas, Walpurgis Night

April 30th-May 1st

Beltane is a spring celebration that honors the fertility of the earth.  It’s a time of lust, passion, sex, fire, and abundance.

  • Celebrated approximately halfway between Vernal (Spring) equinox and the Midsummer (Summer Solstice). A cross-quarter festival.  Beltane traditionally marked the arrival of summer.
  • The day was a traditional summer holiday in many pre-Christian European pagan cultures. While February 1 was the first day of Spring, May 1 was the first day of summer.  Hence, the Summer Solstice on June 21 was Midsummer.
  • Beltane translated means “fire of Bel” or “bright fire” – the “bale-fire”.  Bel (Beli, Belinus, Belenos) is the known as the bright and shinning one, a Celtic Sun God.
  • Old Irish Beltaine/Beltine, Modern Irish Bealtaine, Scottish Gaelic Bealltainn.  The Gaelic name for the month of May.
  • Incorporates traditions from the Gaelic Bealtaine, such as…

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I’m married/handfasted now!

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