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Natural IS Better, Even When Dealing with Illness

The more I read, the less I think vaccines and modern “Western” approaches to medicine are all that great. Our bodies are amazing! When we give them the right tools (nutrition, environment, etc.) and the power, they will usually heal themselves. A good doctor or herbalist knows this and will help you empower your body’s own healing abilities.
Here’s my latest reading on the matter that I’d like to pass on:

Dirtier Lives May Be Just the Medicine We Need

Are Fever Reducers Fueling the Cancer Epidemic?

Childhood Infections May Prevent Heart Disease

Study Finds Breastfeeding, CoSleeping Mothers Get More Sleep

Not at all surprised.

Mumanu: the new way to sleep

12749747_mSource: Dr Momma, By Danelle Frisbie
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Researchers at the College of Nursing at East Tennessee State University found that breastfeeding mothers get more sleep when sharing sleep with their baby (i.e. sleeping within an arm’s reach of baby, or ‘cosleeping’). 

Previous studies have found that breastfed babies have protective stages of healthy sleep/wake cycles – reducing the risk of SIDS and other breathing, hormonal, and bio-regulatory irregularities. It was previously thought that because breastfed babies spend more of their day and night in an alert state, that their mothers may have less sleep than formula fed babies’ mothers.

Drs. Stephanie Quillin and Lee Glenn, who led the study at East Tennessee State, sought to address the unsolved question of whether there is an interaction between the type of feeding (breastfed or formula fed) and sleep arrangements (sharing sleep vs. solo sleeping) that impacts mothers’ postpartum…

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Intriguing. I certainly have no trouble with science and religion co-existing… unless it’s fundie religion, of course.

Article: Nature Religion?

Article: Nature Religion?

“If your religion does not include reverence for Nature then I propose your religion is at best inadequate and may be detrimental to your life and to all life on this planet.”
Yes, yes, and YES! Love this article!

Can We Save The World Without Religion?

An intriguing concept. Well said!

Nature is Sacred

I came across this post by one of my favourite bloggers, John Beckett, today discussing things we value. He has recently been writing posts about developing a sacred relationship with nature and writes the following:

“There are practical reasons why we should live sustainably and respect other species and ecosystems, but no intellectual argument is strong enough to override the basic evolutionary instinct to do what’s easiest and most satisfying for me and mine, here and now. Overriding that instinct requires valuing what we preserve more than what we exploit, and developing that requires a relationship with what we would value.

This is not an intellectual matter, it is a religious matter. Only by developing a sacred relationship with Nature will we find the inspiration to change the way we live and build a society that is both compassionate for the present and sustainable for the future.”

I think he speaks…

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Radical Homeschooling: Sounds Cool!


Am I going to let my kid burst with the enthusiasm of her own ideas, choose what she wants to learn for the most part, and also present her with constant sources of new ideas, experiences, opportunities and materials, oh yes!

Am I going to let her decide to play video games or watch television for a week straight, not brush her teeth, not have simple chores to help on the land and eat whatever she wants at any moment?  Hell no!

In my quest discover the best way to homeschool my kid, I came across such terms as “project based homeschooling” and “unschooling” very early.  I really liked what unschooling was about and realized it was, by definition, what we had already been doing since Captain was tiny.  It was really a way of life from the get-go; most of what she learns is by life and by choosing…

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Dandelions Rock! Dandelion Flower Cookies, Fairy Crowns, Crafts, Coloring Pages and Good Health!



Ooh, I want to be a tiny creature rolling around in the sunny yellow softness of Taraxacum Officinale!

Did the people of Atlantis really use the dandelion for food and to make exotic elixirs?  I don’t know for sure, but what a cool part of the legendary story!  Springtime bursts with these little beauties in fields and lawns, and every year they bring to my mind the memory of childhood.  I can close my eyes and still feel the grass between my toes as I took flight, with energy and madness, toward the swing set, the cool heads of dandelion clusters cushioning my toes…. my sisters and I rubbing each others’ noses with the silky yellow dust…. They are cherished in many countries for their health benefits and tastiness. Here in the US, dandelions sometimes get a bad rap as a “weed” or a “nuisance”, but as long as they…

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Etiquette and Religion, Revisited

bay witch musings

Look, people are going to disagree in life.  And they are going to disagree even more about religion, which many consider a vital part of their identity, culturally and individually.  The problem is not disagreement, the problem is the oft-perceived idea that disagreement is a personal insult to oneself followed by the wielding of disagreement as a weapon as a result of that insult.  Disagreement is not a statement of unworthiness of another, or superiority of one’s self.  Really, its not.  

But maybe we need to learn to disagree with one another better.  This is where manners come into the picture.  I don’t think that having manners means leaving disagreement behind.  In all actuality, I think that part of having manners is being respectfully honest.  The honest truth about religion is that the only thing that determines “right” is belief.  It goes without saying that I believe…

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Looks v Productivity and Health: Lawns

Lush, green lawns are nice to look at. They are the object of much affection for many American home owners. Maintenance of lawns eats up many hours and lots of money every year. I personally see well-manicured lawns as a waist of time, money, and space. Simple grass offers no substantial benefits to its owners (unless you’re raising animals and keep them as your lawn maintenance crew!). The space and time dedicated to perfect, green lawns could be put into more useful activities such as creating a garden. Food, herbs, and even some flowers have lots of benefits for people everywhere. I’ve seen a list of plants that excel at “eating” CO2 and releasing oxygen, thereby aiding the entire world and making a long-lasting, positive impact. Just imagine if everyone switched from growing lawns to growing gardens or other useful plants! The impact would be staggering!

The uselessness of lawns really bothers me, but what bothers me even more is what people put onto their lawns to make them perfect – chemicals. Just yesterday I was walking through some grass in my neighborhood and enjoying being barefoot, only to discover a sign posted that I should keep off the lawn because it had just been treated. This treated lawn has no weeds growing in it, is bright green and thick, but at what cost? A neighbor’s cat was rolling around in it and enjoying what should be a natural environment for a cat. Birds swooped down looking for the supper from the ground. Ducks waddled through the lawn on their way to the water, which will be full of chemicals every time the rain washes them down. Children want to dash through the lawn. Dogs frolic and play catch with their owners. They will come into contact with nasty, poisonous chemicals… all because we want perfect, green lawns. It’s ridiculous and unethical, in my opinion. Putting something like the aesthetics of a lawn over the health of people, animals, and the environment as a whole is deeply selfish.

P.S. Dandelions and other “weeds” are really pretty and may even have medicinal or edible properties!

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