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I Don’t Speak Human

Thoughts on My Spirituality & Love of Green Things

I’ve not written here in awhile; haven’t had spirituality on my mind very much lately. That may sound odd, and even alarming to some… but it’s the truth. After finally reaching a point of contentment with my spirituality and what I think about the world… I stopped needing to obsess about it. By obsess about, I mean spend many hours reading, researching, and writing about something. That’s how I tackle a new thing. Spirituality got put on the back burner while I focused on diet and health for awhile. Now my mind has begun to turn back towards thinking about spirituality again.

I’m still not sure where to start or how to go about things. I seek the connection of a spiritual community and the connection with the universe that comes with spiritual experiences. But I’m not brave and bold about paganism yet. I’m not brave and bold period. But I’m trying. My focus on diet and health has brought me closer to living naturally and in harmony with the world. The more I live this way, the more it becomes important to me – even feels like a huge part of who I am. I’m currently living in an apartment and don’t have access to a garden, backyard, or any bit of land to call my own. Once Spring arrives and clears away the snow I’ll be able to go back to local parks and enjoy Nature again. I can’t wait. I’ve missed green things and earth so much this winter. I need sunshine, dirt, and green stuff to thrive. I’ve always been a person of the Earth. As a child I made beds out of moss, climbed trees, swam in the ocean and lakes, dug in the dirt, and ran barefoot on the grass. 

I love the Earth. 

That phrase is overused and “hip”… but I sincerely mean it. The more I understand what humanity has done to the Earth, the more angry and sad I become. Caring for our environment should come naturally to us. Instead, “Environmentalism” is something the crazy liberals obsess about (I am one of those crazy liberals). It’s crazy. Not destroying our home world isn’t something we should be fighting over. Ugh. But that’s another post for another time.

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