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So… my baby is due August 20th. My mom is trying to plan when she should fly in to stay with us. She won’t stay any longer than two weeks, but it might not be quite that long. I’m trying to figure out what date to tell her. I did a tarot spread tonight to find a date and came up with one solid winner and few others that were okay. The date is August 5th, though, which is pretty early. My gut feeling is that baby will come earlier than the 20th, and since he already seems to be dropping… maybe very soon?
Has anyone else used tarot to try and predict calendar dates? How much confidence do you put in this sort of reading? What can I do to further test my findings?

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2 thoughts on “Advice?

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    Help, please!

  2. I just stumbled upon your cry for help. Hopefully your situation is already solved. . .
    If not – How good is your intuition with the extra pregnancy hormones? I ask because normally, I’d suggest using intuition as a test, but sometimes that particular “extra” can hinder more than help. Perhaps sitting down calmly, thinking about all of the factors, and listening to your inner voice will help you reach a conclusion that works best for you and your mother.
    Good luck – and congratulations!

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